Tagging On Facebook – The Magical @ Sign

Many of you have asked about what Facebook tagging is all about and how to use the @ sign in your updates.

The @ sign is a nomenclature that is taken from Twitter land and Facebook simply uses it to create links to and tie together references to other pages.  In the same way that you would use a hyperlink on the web so that people could click through to the web page you are referring to, Facebook uses tagging but goes one better.

Not only does Facebook create a link in your update, that also post that exact same update on the other person or fan page wall.  This allows everyone who is friends with the person you tagged or has ‘liked’ the fan page you are referring to the opportunity to see an update that you created.

This is just another way to multiply your exposure.  You may only have 400-500 fans on your particular page, but if you create an update and in that update tag a fan page with several thousand fans, your update is potentially seen on that page and the walls of all the fans of that page.

How Can You Use This?

For local business, I will mention upcoming Chamber of Commerce events and tag the chamber.  Look for non-profits or civic organizations that are celebrating something and congratulate them in an update – tagging them in the process.

Find ways to congratulate influential people in your market niche and tag them.  If you have an event that you participated in and took photos of, put them online and tag individuals in the photo and also their name in the update.

Here’s a video that shows exactly how the tagging process works:

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