What Motivates Your Success

I watched the following video because of the incredible creativity and production quality.

It’s really based around motivating factors for a team of employees, however, as most of us are individuals building a primary or secondary income it’s important to know what motivates us. Watch the video and then read on…

Rule #1: It’s not the money! Well, it is up to a point but once you get beyond what you need to survive and be comfortable you need other motivating factors.

Rule #2: Find something you’re passionate about. If you really want to build a long term business model you need to be involved in an area that you are going to enjoy working in. If it’s ethically questionable, doesn’t fit your value system or is just something you’re not really interested in you’ll make a half-hearted attempt and then let it sit and deteriorate.

Rule #3: Make A Difference! If you can find a business niche that will improve yourself personally or the world around you it will be like earning money for fun. There really is nothing more fulfilling than combining your passion, profit and fulfilling a mission in the same business model.

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