WordPress Child Theme

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a custom theme for every site you build, every client site you build and have it automatically updated with the latest security fixes directly from WordPress themselves?

Thankfully, you can and it’s a very simple process. In fact, WordPress designed their platform so that any of us, with only a few simple steps, can use a robust basic theme and make as many or few changes as we’d like. When the basic theme is updated it keeps all of our customization intact.

The following video shows how to do it with the twentyeleven theme but it is just as easy to do with any theme you want to use. I am currently using twentytwelve that comes standard in the WordPress install.



How To Set Up A Podcast Feed

A great marketing tool to use for your business is to transform your articles into audio files or interview experts in your field and provide those audio files to your niche as a podcast feed.

We’ll assume you already know how to record and save your audio as an .mp3 file. We like to use WordPress as a platform for our podcasts and for the last 4 we created we also used a plugin from the folks at Blubrry.

This first video shows you the steps we take in setting up WP and the plugin configuration settings.

The second video shows how we actually add the podcast entries and .mp3 file fields along with testing the RSS feed and some additional configuration settings.

Coming soon will be the steps to submit your podcast to itunes.

If you want to see what this looks like in real life check out http://youvegotfiveminutes.com/ and the feed on itunes